How does it work?​

You can manage campaigns from several platforms in one place by adding them to AD cube.

AD Cube gathers data every day, identifies emerging trends, and determines the best course of action.

AD cube delivers smart recommendations and creates the best solutions for each platform.


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With the power of Artificial Intelligence, AD cube allows you to answer three “simple” questions, the most common in the daily activity of those who deal with Digital Ads. The answer lies in the three modules that make up the platform: Budopt, Spendopt and Targopt.



How much should I invest?

Spendopt, with the accuracy of ML forecasts, assists advertisers in defining the best the spending plan.
It predicts campaigns performance in terms of revenue and ROI and the result consists of predictive curves that suggest to advertisers how much to invest to achieve their goal.
The trade-off between revenue and ROI won’t exist anymore!



How should I allocate the budget?

The responsiveness of Budopt and online machine learning algorithms dynamically allocates your budget across campaigns.
Given an overall budget, Budopt distributes it daily across campaigns and allows the advertiser to set limits and tailor budget management and maximizes returns or ROI within the chosen constraints.



Which is the right target audience?

Targopt processes historical data from existing campaigns in the background:
if a targeting inefficiency is found, it returns a new set of campaigns with the corrected target. Then, Targopt can automatically create the new campaigns for each platform.


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