May 2024

AI e Advertising

BLOG AAI e Advertising: tra presente e futuro Introduzione “The Best Minds of My Generation Are Thinking About How To Make People Click Ads” Nel lontano 2011, con questa osservazione provocatoria, Jeff Hammerbacher, ex data-scientist di Facebook e fondatore di Cloudera, metteva in luce la grande quantità di talento e risorse investite nel campo dell’advertising …

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Squeeze out the best from each channel via optimization. AD cube MMM optimizes the budget over channels and weeks. Find out how to optimally allocate the budget for each week of the following year.

What if scenarios

Simulate new allocation scenarios without spending money and time. If you want to experiment with new ideas, you can go directly from questions to predicted output effortless. Just ask and the MMM will answer!

Measure impact of past strategies

Analyze how you performed in the past. AD cube MMM can tell you exactly how much each channel contributed to the achievement of your goals. You will also get a full breakdown of previous allocations and outcomes strategies.